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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1986Labour supply and commodity demands : an application to Irish dataMurphy, AnthonyThom, Rodney
Dec-1993Labour supply, commodity demand and marginal tax reformMadden, David (David Patrick)
Nov-1999Labour supply, health and caring : evidence from the UKMadden, David (David Patrick)Walker, Ian
2001A Lacanian psychoanalytic interpretation of conflict in Northern IrelandMillar, Adrian
27-Nov-2017Land Valuations, Market Practices, Pregnancy, Insanity: There's a Jury for ThatHowlin, Niamh
May-1993Land, labor and the wage-rental ratio : factor price convergence in the late nineteenth centuryO'Rourke, Kevin H.Taylor, Alan M.Williamson, Jeffrey G.
16-Feb-2007Landmines, poverty and recovery : instrumental variables evidence from MozambiqueMerrouche, Ouarda
Nov-2010The last major Irish bank failure : lessons for today?Ó Gráda, Cormac
Mar-2016'The Last, the Most Dreadful Resource of Nature’: Economic-historical Reflections on FamineÓ Gráda, Cormac
7-Sep-2011Late conversion : the impact of professionalism on European rugby unionHogan, Vincent (Vincent Peter)Massey, PatrickMassey, Shane
May-1993Learning by doing in international subsidy gamesLeahy, Dermot
24-Apr-1994Learning by doing, precommitment and infant-industry protectionLeahy, DermotNeary, J. Peter
2012Learning from interdisciplinarityRegan, Ciaran M.
Feb-2016Learning or Leaning: Persistent and Transitory Spillovers from FDIDavies, Ronald B.Lamla, Michael J.Schiffbauer, Marc
Apr-2015Learning to Take Risks? The Effect of Education on Risk-Taking in Financial MarketsBlack, Sandra E.Devereux, Paul J.Lundborg, PetterMajleshi, Kaveh
22-Sep-2015Learning to Tax ?- Interjurisdictional Tax Competition under Incomplete InformationBecker, JohannesDavies, Ronald B.
Apr-1989Leaving Certificate points and performance in first arts economics : a study of the 1987/88 U.C.D. classWalsh, Brendan M.Garvey, Padhraic
2008Legitimating fiscal stabilization : Ireland in comparative perspectiveHardiman, NiamhMurphy, PatrickBurke, Orlaith
Jun-2010Life-long learning and new skills in Ireland : a gender perspectiveBarry, Ursula
Aug-2008Like father, like son? A note on the intergenerational transmission of IQ scoresDevereux, Paul J.