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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-May-2008Handedness and depression : evidence from a large population surveyDenny, Kevin
13-Jun-2008Handedness and depression : evidence from a large population surveyDenny, Kevin
Jan-1995Harmonising Irish tax rates : a computable general equilibrium approachDenny, KevinHannan, AoifeO'Rourke, Kevin H.
Dec-2018Harnessing Electricity Retail Tariffs to Support Climate Change PolicyRyan, L. (Lisa B.)La Monaca, SarahMastrandrea, LindaSpodniak, Petr
Apr-2004Has Euro-area inflation persistence changed over time?O'Reilly, GerardWhelan, Karl
Mar-2015Has Subjective General Health Declined with the Economic Crisis? A Comparison across European CountriesDenny, Kevin
Jul-2008Health and income poverty in Ireland, 2003-2006Madden, David (David Patrick)
May-2013Health and Wealth on the Roller-Coaster: Ireland, 2003-2011Madden, David (David Patrick)
1994Health care expenditure in Ireland : a comparative analysis and policy issuesDurkan, Joe
1994Health expenditure in Ireland : growth and controlDurkan, JoeHughes, Jenny
Nov-1989The health funding commission report : a critical commentaryMcDowell, Moore
Nov-2004Health insurance in Ireland : issues and challengesNolan, Brian
Nov-2006Health insurance transitions after retirement : did HIPAA expand coverage for retirees?Rogowski, JeannetteKapur, Kanika
Aug-2007Health interventions and risky behaviourMadden, David (David Patrick)
Nov-2009Health savings accounts for small businesses and entrepreneurs : shopping, take-Up and implementation challengesGates, Susan M.Karaca-Mandic, PinarBurgdorf, James R.Kapur, Kanika
1992Health, work and nutritional status in pre-famine IrelandÓ Gráda, Cormac
Jul-2015Healthy(?), Wealthy, and Wise - Birth Order and Adult HealthBlack, Sandra E.Devereux, Paul J.Salvanes, Kjell G.
Jan-1983The Heckscher-Ohlin model as an aggregateNeary, J. Peter
Aug-2009Hedging : scaling and the investor horizonCotter, JohnHanly, Jim
7-Oct-2015Hedging Capabilities of Bitcoin. Is it the virtual gold?Dyhrberg, Anne Haubo