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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012La Cour européenne des droits de l'homme et le droit de l'Union européenne, notamment la Charte des droits fondamentaux : une gestion subtile entre ajustements systémiques et enrichissements mutuelsParis, Marie-Luce
Dec-2017Labor Market Frictions, Investment and Capital FlowsStruck, Clemens C.
12-Sep-2008The labor supply effect of in-kind transfersBingley, PaulWalker, Ian
Jul-2011Labor Supply Elasticities in Europe and the USBargain, OlivierOrsini, KristianPeichl, Andreas
1985Labor-market policy : a symposiumGeary, Patrick T.Kennedy, Kieran AnthonyWalsh, Brendan M.
Sep-2012The Labor-Market Returns to Community College Degrees, Diplomas, and CertificatesJepsen, ChristopherTroske, KennethCoomes, Paul
24-Aug-1992Labour force participation and the feminising of the labour forceWalsh, Brendan M.
Mar-1999Labour market adjustment in the Irish regionsWalsh, Brendan M.
Jan-2010The labour market and LGBT discrimination in IrelandVasquez del Aguila, ErnestoCantillon, Sara
Jun-1999Labour Market Discrimination on the Basis of Health: An Application to UK DataMadden, David (David Patrick)
May-2004The labour market for teachersChevalier, ArnaudDolton, Peter
Mar-1994Labour market performance in the EU periphery : lessons and implicationsBarry, FrankBradley, JohnKennedy, Kieran AnthonyO'Donnell, Nuala
Sep-1986Labour supply and commodity demands : an application to Irish dataMurphy, AnthonyThom, Rodney
Dec-1993Labour supply, commodity demand and marginal tax reformMadden, David (David Patrick)
Nov-1999Labour supply, health and caring : evidence from the UKMadden, David (David Patrick)Walker, Ian
2001A Lacanian psychoanalytic interpretation of conflict in Northern IrelandMillar, Adrian
27-Nov-2017Land Valuations, Market Practices, Pregnancy, Insanity: There's a Jury for ThatHowlin, Niamh
May-1993Land, labor and the wage-rental ratio : factor price convergence in the late nineteenth centuryO'Rourke, Kevin H.Taylor, Alan M.Williamson, Jeffrey G.
16-Feb-2007Landmines, poverty and recovery : instrumental variables evidence from MozambiqueMerrouche, Ouarda
Nov-2010The last major Irish bank failure : lessons for today?Ó Gráda, Cormac