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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2004A panel data analysis of the utilisation of GP services in Ireland : 1995-2001Nolan, AnneNolan, Brian
Jul-1989The paper Pounds of 1797-1821 : a co-integration analysisÓ Gráda, Cormac
2007Parameter uncertainty in Kalman filter estimation of the CIR term structure modelO'Sullivan, Conall
May-2004Parental education and child’s education : a natural experimentChevalier, Arnaud
11-Aug-2010Parental education, grade attainment and earnings expectations among university studentsDelaney, LiamHarmon, ColmRedmond, Cathy
2005Partnership and politics : how embedded is social partnership?Hardiman, Niamh
Dec-2004Path dependent option pricing under Lévy processes applied to Bermudan optionsO'Sullivan, Conall
2004Paying for governmentHardiman, Niamh
5-Nov-2015Paying for the Welfare State in the European PeripheryDellepiane, SebastianHardiman, Niamh
Jul-1989Payroll taxes, capital grants and Irish unemploymentBarry, Frank
2001The peace process and equality : towards a transformed societyCowan, Brian
8-May-2007Perception of excessive drinking among Irish college students : a mixed methods analysisDelaney, LiamHarmon, ColmMilner, ClaireSweeney, LornaWall, Patrick G.
2004The performance and diversification benefits of funds of hedge fundsDenvir, EmilyHutson, Elaine
4-Mar-2014Performance of Utility Based HedgesCotter, JohnHanly, Jim
Aug-1994Peripherality in economic geography and modern growth theory : evidence from Ireland's adjustment to free tradeBarry, Frank
Sep-2002Permanent and temporary internal migrations in Spain, 1877-1936 : determinants and labour market impactSilvestre, Javier
Jul-2000Persistent and consistent poverty in the 1994 and 1995 waves of the European Community Household Panel StudyLayte, RichardMaitre, BertrandNolan, BrianWhelan, Christopher T.
13-Sep-2019Pessimism and OvercommitmentEk, ClaesSamahita, Margaret
30-Sep-2016Phonological awareness, vocabulary and internalizing behavior. A closer look at the associations in preschoolers using a structural equation modeling approachGirard, Lisa-Christine‎Girolametto, Luigi
24-Sep-1997Pitfalls in the theory of international trade policy : concertina reform of tariffs, and subsidies to high-technology industriesNeary, J. Peter