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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2005Quality of life and location-specific amenities : a subjective well-being approachBrereton, FinbarrClinch, J. PeterFerreira, S. (Susana)
Jan-2019Quantitative Easing and the Hot Potato Effect: Evidence from Euro Area BanksRyan, EllenWhelan, Karl
10-Nov-1999R&D in developing countries : what should governments do?Neary, J. Peter
Nov-2011A race to the bottom in labour standards? An empirical investigationDavies, Ronald B.Vadlamannati, Krishna Chaitanya
2-Apr-2004Rationalising the Penn World Table: True Multilateral Indices for International Comparisons of Real IncomeNeary, J. Peter
24-Jul-2005Re-evaluating hedging performanceCotter, JohnHanly, Jim
Sep-2017Reaching Up and Reaching Out: The Impact of Competition on Firms’ Productivity and Export DecisionsHynes, KateEvans Osei Opoku, EricYan, Isabel K. M.
2009Readiness for change : evidence from a study of early childhood care and education centersDoyle, OrlaLogue, CaitrionaMcNamara, Kelly
Nov-2014Ready for Revolution? The English Economy before 1800Kelly, MorganÓ Gráda, Cormac
2006Real & nominal foreign exchange volatility effects on exports – the importance of timingBredin, DonalCotter, John
Oct-1982Real and monetary aspects of the 'Dutch disease'Neary, J. Peter
Mar-1996The real exchange rate, fiscal policy and the current account : interpreting recent Irish experienceWalsh, Brendan M.
Dec-1988Real exchange rates, co-integration and purchasing power parity : Irish experience in the EMSRodney, Thom
Jul-2005Real wage cyclicality of job stayers, within-company job movers, and between-company job moversDevereux, Paul J.Hart, Robert A.
Dec-1999Real wage dynamics and the Phillips CurveWhelan, Karl
May-1989The real wage gap in Ireland and its development over time : the Irish experience 1960-1987Walsh, Patrick P.Walsh, FrankWoelger, Ernestine
2006The realms of practical politics : North-South co-operation on the Erne Hydro-Electric Scheme 1942-57Kennedy, Michael
May-2005Reassessing the evidence of an emerging Yen block in North and Southeast AsiaKearney, ColmMuckley, Cal
Jan-1990Reassessing the Irish pound report of 1804Ó Gráda, Cormac
Apr-2010Recent developments in intergenerational mobilityBlack, Sandra E.Devereux, Paul J.