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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jan-20171-b Observation for Direct-Learning-Based Digital Predistortion of RF Power AmplifiersWang, Haoyu; Li, Gang; Zhou, Chongbin; Zhu, Anding; et al.
Nov-2016A 1/f noise up-conversion reduction technique for voltage-biased RF CMOS oscillatorsShahmohammadi, Mina; Babaie, Masoud; Staszewski, Robert Bogdan
29-Jul-2014A 13C-NMR study of azacryptand complexesWild, Aljoscha A. C.; Fennell, Kevin; Morgan, Grace G.; Hewage, Chandralal; Malthouse, J.Paul G.
20161916 then and now: reflections on the spatiality of the Rising's urban legaciesMoore-Cherry, Niamh; Ó Corráin, Daithí
29-Aug-2011A 19S proteasomal subunit cooperates with an ERK MAPK-regulated degron to regulate accumulation of Fra-1 in tumour cellsPakay, J. L.; Diesch, J.; Gilan, O.; et al.
20072D distinct element modeling of the structure and growth of normal faults in multilayer sequences : 2. Impact of confining pressure and strength contrast on fault zone growth and geometrySchöpfer, Martin P. J.; Childs, Conrad; Walsh, John J.
20072D distinct element modeling of the structure and growth of normal faults in multilayer sequences : 1. Model calibration, boundary conditions, and selected resultsSchöpfer, Martin P. J.; Childs, Conrad; Walsh, John J.
2-May-20053 Dimensional analysis of holographic photopolymers based memoriesGallego, Sergi; Ortuño, M.; Neipp, Cristian; Márquez, A.; Beléndez, A.; Pascual, I.; Kelly, John V.; Sheridan, John T.
Jun-2017A 34-year simulation of wind generation potential for Ireland and the impact of large-scale atmospheric pressure patternsCradden, Lucy C.; McDermott, Frank; Zubiate, Laura; Sweeney, Conor; O'Malley, Mark
Dec-20173D enamel thickness in Neandertal and modern human permanent caninesButi, Laura; Le Cabec, Adeline; Panetta, Daniele; Feeney, Robin N. M.; et al.
May-20143D Power Doppler ultrasound and computerised placental assessment in normal pregnancyMoran, Mary; Zombori, Gergely; Ryan, John; McAuliffe, Fionnuala M.
18-Apr-20183WS of Data Journalism Education: What, Where and Who?Heravi, Bahareh R.
May-2014A 56.4-to-63.4 GHz Multi-Rate All-Digital Fractional-N PLL for FMCW Radar Applications in 65 nm CMOSWu, Wanghua; Staszewski, Robert Bogdan; Long, John R.
May-2016A 60 GHz Frequency Generator Based on a 20 GHz Oscillator and an Implicit MultiplierZong, Zhirui; Babaie, Masoud; Staszewski, Robert Bogdan
6-Apr-2010A-RafRauch, Jens; Kolch, Walter
26-Jun-2009Ab initio and homology based prediction of protein domains by recursive neural networksWalsh, Ian; Martin, Alberto J. M.; Mooney, Catherine; Rubagotti, Enrico; Vullo, Alessandro; Pollastri, Gianluca
30-Jan-2009Ab initio and template-based prediction of multi-class distance maps by two-dimensional recursive neural networksWalsh, Ian; Baù, Davide; Martin, Alberto J. M.; Mooney, Catherine; Vullo, Alessandro; Pollastri, Gianluca
1-Jan-2017Abductively Robust InferenceDellsén, Finnur
19-Aug-2011Abnormal N-heterocyclic Carbenes: More than just Exceptionally Strong Donor LigandsKrüger, Anneke; Albrecht, Martin
Sep-2011Abnormal NHC Palladium Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, and ReactivityPoulain, Aurélie; Iglesias, Manuel; Albrecht, Martin