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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987Abortion Trials and Tribulations / Pauline Jackson. The Politics of Abortion Ireland in Comparative Perspective / Vicky RandallJackson, PaulineRandall, Vicky
2004Absolute return volatilityCotter, John
May-2004Absorptive capacity, R&D spillovers, and public policyLeahy, DermotNeary, J. Peter
20-Oct-2003Absorptive capacity, R&D spillovers, and public policyLeahy, DermotNeary, J. Peter
14-Mar-2019Achievement in national scholastic examinations and its link with measured cognitive ability among a representative Irish sampleO'Connell, Michael F.
Apr-2021Achievement Rank Affects Performance and Major Choices in CollegeElsner, BenjaminIsphording, Ingo E.Zölitz, Ulf
Nov-2019Across the Sea to Ireland: Return Atlantic Migration before the First World WarFernihough, Alan
Jun-2014Activation and active labour market policies in OECD countries: stylized facts and evidence on their effectivenessMartin, John P.
12-Dec-2017Active citizenship: Negotiation of private/public and activism/compliancy by public officials in Russia and GermanyZimenkova, TatianaMolitor, VerenaKondakov, Alexander
Aug-2002Adam Smith and Amartya Sen : markets and famines in pre-industrial EuropeÓ Gráda, Cormac
Mar-1984Adam Smith's labour command measure of valueO'Donnell, Rory
Mar-2015Adam Smith, Watch Prices, and the Industrial RevolutionKelly, MorganÓ Gráda, Cormac
12-Mar-2010Adapting consociation to Northern IrelandCoakley, John
2012Addiction as a Disease StateRegan, Ciaran M.
May-2020Addressing Private Practice in Public HospitalsGuo, XidongParlane, Sarah
2008Administrative reform in a liberal market economyHardiman, NiamhMacCarthaigh, Muiris
Dec-2020Adoption of Renewable Home Heating Systems: An Agent-Based Model of Heat Pump Systems in IrelandMeles, TensayRyan, L. (Lisa B.)
1-Jun-2016Adultery in the Courts: Criminal Conversation in IrelandHowlin, Niamh
Mar-2012Affective Equality as a Key Issue of Justice : A Comment on Fraser’s 3-Dimensional FrameworkLynch, Kathleen
Sep-2010Affluence versus Equality? A critique of Wilkinson and Pickett’s book ‘The Spirit Level’O'Connell, Michael F.