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    Eriugenism in Berthold of Moosburg’s Expositio super Elementationem theologicam Procli
    (Brill, 2019-04-25)
    The importance of sources transmitting the thought of John Scotus Eriugena for the Expositio super Elementationem theologicam Procli written by Berthold of Moosburg O.P. (sometime between 1327 and 1361) has been acknowledged among Berthold’s contemporary readers at least since 1974. In that year, Loris Sturlese and Paolo Lucentini published, respectively, critical editions of Berthold’s Expositio (Propositions 184–211) and the 12th-century Clavis physicae of Honorius Augustodunensis in the series Temi e testi. Eugenio Massa, as editor of the series, highlights the importance of their concurrent publication and offers insightful suggestions for situating Berthold within the broader currents of medieval Eriugenism, especially in view of the theory of deification expounded in the Expositio.