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    Emotional response language education: a first ‘in-the-wild’ evaluation
    This paper reports on the development and testing of Version 3 of the Emotional Response Language Education (ERLE) e-learning platform. An ‘in-the-wild’, heuristic user evaluation with five English as a Foreign Language students from Feng Chia University in Taiwan and one native English speaker in Ireland was performed over three months, with feedback from students informing changes and improvements. The primary goal of the study was to assess the robustness and reliability of a newly integrated speech recognition system to the ERLE platform. The feedback garnered led to the introduction of a tutorial prior to the initial class, a redesign of the buttons and presentation of the ASR output, and an animated response to loud input which causes difficulty for the ASR system. The improved system has since been implemented as a complimentary aid to a first-year English speaking and listening course at the same university in a larger, longitudinal study.