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    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on individuals and their intra- and intergroup relations
    (Ethics International Press, 2022-09-27) ; ;
    In this chapter, we address how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people on an individual level as well as affected their intra- and intergroup relationships. At the individual level, many people have suffered from anxiety, depression, and inadequate sleep during the pandemic, the prolonged nature of which has also made them feel lonely and isolated. However, simultaneously feeling connected to their in-group members during the pandemic has made them feel as if their well-being has improved. Added to that, their (dis)trust of national institutions has influenced their willingness to comply with measures to mitigate COVID-19. Furthermore, in-group normativity (e.g., information about in-group members’ compliance with health advice) brought people together and encouraged them to believe fewer conspiracy theories about COVID-19. However, in relation to out-group members, the pandemic has resulted in individuals’ heightened prejudice, dehumanization, distrust, and negative affect.