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Pulsed Digital Oscillators for Electrostatic MEMS

2012-07-25, Fernandez, D., Jimenez, V., Madrenas, J., Gorreta, Sergi, Blokhina, Elena, Pons Nin, Joan, O'Connell, Diarmuid, Feely, Orla, Dominguez, Manuel

This paper introduces a new actuation scheme for implementing Pulsed Digital Oscillators (PDOs) for electrostatic MEMS resonators. In this scheme, the capacitance of the device is biased with a voltage and it is periodically sampled. Short pulses of zero voltage are applied depending on the decisions taken by the oscillator loop. The paper discusses in detail the implementation of such electrostatic PDO (e-PDO) through a prototype and links the e-PDO to the conventional PDO theory. As an example, it is shown that with this actuation scheme it is possible to excite different resonances of the mechanical structure simply by changing the parameters of the feedback filter of the oscillator.