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A Radial Clutch Needle for Facile and Safe Tissue Compartment Access

2019-12, O'Cearbhaill, Eoin D., Laulicht, Bryan, Mitchell, Niamh

Efficient and safe access to targeted therapeutic sites is a universal challenge in minimally invasive medical intervention. Percutaneous and transluminal needle insertion is often performed blindly and requires significant user skill and experience to avoid complications associated with the damage of underlying tissues or organs. Here, we report on the advancement of a safer needle with a radial mechanical clutch, which is designed to prevent overshoot injuries through the automatic stopping of the needle once a target cavity is reached. The stylet‐mounted clutch system is inexpensive to manufacture and compatible with standard hypodermic or endoscopic needles, and therefore can be adapted to achieve safe access in a myriad of minimally invasive procedures, including targeted drug delivery, at‐home and in‐hospital intravenous access, laparoscopic and endo‐ and trans‐luminal interventions. Here, we demonstrate the clutch needle design optimization and illustrate its potential for rapid and safe minimally invasive cannulation.