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    Law, Technology and Pedagogy: Teaching Coding to Build a Future-Proof Lawyer
    (University of Minnesota Law School, 2020-07-13) ;
    To what extent should lawyers understand and appreciate coding if they are to meaningfully engage with these issues? This article analyses the pedagogical benefits of teaching “Coding for Lawyers” at law school. It also outlines the practical challenges in doing so. Drawing on legal research in this field, the experiences of others in delivering similar modules, and the experience of delivering lectures on coding for lawyers at the University of Minnesota School of Law, this article provides a first-hand account of where theory meets practice in delivering cutting edge, legal tech modules. Given the increasing role that technology is playing in legal practice, it is argued that a knowledge and appreciation of coding, though not necessarily an expert ability to code, may be necessary to build a more “future proof” lawyer who can navigate emerging developments and those coming further down the line.