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    'Homicides royaux' : the assassination of the Duc and Cardinal de Guise and the radicalization of French public opinion
    (Oxford University Press, 2004-06)
    The propaganda campaign launched in response to the assassination of the Duc and Cardinal de Guise on the orders of Henri III in December 1588 was the largest waged in the history of sixteenth-century France. Yet, it has never been the subject of systematic investigation. This article aims to fill this historiographical lacuna by presenting a broad survey of the principal arguments and techniques employed both by the Royalists, who sought to justify the act, and the League who exploited the event to radicalise Catholic opinion against Henri III. It finds that while the king was partly unwilling and partly unable to engage in any serious attempt to influence public opinion, the League exploited the media to defend the Guises as Catholic martyrs and to discredit the king as a criminal and irreligious tyrant.
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    Lost books printed in French before 1601
    (Oxford University Press, 2009-06)
    Research into the history of the book before 1601 has reached an important moment. Within five years, scholars will have at their disposal short title catalogues covering almost all of the print domains of Europe. Such significant advances in research infrastructure will fundamentally transform our understanding of the first great age of print. It is, therefore, timely, that we begin to address one of the most inconvenient of truths – the issue of lost books. This article focuses on publishing in French as a case study. This is a particularly fertile avenue of investigation because of the existence of two exceptional sources – short title catalogues of French books published in the 1580s. By mapping the entries in these sources to the most recent short title catalogue of French print published in 2007, we can begin to explore the extent and character of the survival and loss of vernacular print in this period.
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