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    Fast Mode Decision With Early Termination For H.264/AVC Video Coding
    (The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2006-10-28) ;
    In this paper a fast mode decision algorithm based on an early termination procedure is proposed for H.264/AVC video encoding. Unlike previous methods, the termination decision is based on the rate distortion cost function. A statistical analysis of the spatio-temporal characteristics of the rate distortion cost function and of the probability of mode transition is given for test sequences. Experimental results show that the new algorithm provides a 38% reduction in total computational complexity with a negligible increase in the bit rate and negligible reduction in visual quality when compared to conventional encoding.
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    Pareto-Optimal Macroblock Classification for Fast Mode Decision in H.264
    This paper presents a novel fast mode decision algorithm for H.264/AVC based on a Pareto-optimal macroblock classification strategy. Previously published H.264 low complexity schemes mostly concentrated on improving class decision metrics, but did not justify the choice of MD classes. Herein, we use Pareto analysis to derive the optimal set of MD classes and to define efficient class decision metrics. For each MD class only rate-distortion optimal complexity settings are used. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms previously published algorithms, providing a 57-73% reduction in total computational complexity with some reduction in bit rate and acceptable visual quality.