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    Smartphone Forensic Analysis: A Case Study for Obtaining Root Access of an Android Samsung S3 Device and Analyse the Image without an Expensive Commercial Tool
    (Scientific Research Publishing, 2014) ; ;
    Smartphone is a very useful and compact device that fits in persons pocket, but at the same time itcan be used as a tool for criminal activities. In this day and age, people increasingly rely on smartphones rather than desktop computers or laptops to exchange messages, share videos and audiomessages. A smartphone is almost equivalent in its application to a PC, hence there are securityrisks associated with its use such as carrying out a digital crime or becoming a victim of one. Criminalscan use smartphones for a number of activities. Namely, committing a fraud over e-mail,harassment via text messages, drug trafficking, child pornography, communications related to narcotics,etc. It is a great challenge for forensic experts to extract data from a smartphone for forensic purposes that can be used as evidence in the court of law. In this case study, I show how to obtain the root access of Samsung S3 phone, how to create DD image and then how to examine DD image via commercial tool like UFED physical analyzer trial version which doesnt support Android devices. I will extract the messages for Viber on trial version of UFED Physical analyzer.
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    The State of the Art Forensic Techniques in Mobile Cloud Environment: A Survey, Challenges and Current Trends
    Smartphones have become popular in recent days due to the accessibility of a wide range of applications.These sophisticated applications demand more computing resources in a resource constraint smartphone.Cloud computing is the motivating factor for the progress of these applications. The emerging mobile cloud computing introduces a new architecture to offload smartphone and utilize cloud computing technology to solve resource requirements. The popularity of mobile cloud computing is an opportunity for misuse and unlawful activities. Therefore, it is a challenging platform for digital forensic investigations due to the non availabilityof methodologies, tools and techniques. The aim of this work is to analyze the forensic tools and methodologies for crime investigation in a mobile cloud platform as it poses challenges in proving the evidence.
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