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    A Low Profile Highly Isolated Phased Array MIMO Antenna System for 5G Applications at 28 GHz
    This paper presents a highly isolated phased array antenna system for 5G applications at 28 GHz. The antenna array is formed by 1x8 microstrip antipodal exponential tapered slot antennas each connected to CMOS phase shifters with wire bonds for electrical beam steering. At 28 GHz, the mutual coupling between the antenna elements are lower than -30 dB while the envelope correlation between the ports is less than 0.1. The single antenna array element was fabricated on 20 mil thick Rogers 4003 substrate and the phase shifter was fabricated in 22 nm FD-SOI CMOS. The simulated and measured results of the single antenna element along with the integrated phase shifter are presented together with the simulation results of the overall system.
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    Highly Isolated Compact Tri-Band MIMO Antenna with Trapezoidal Defected Ground Plane for 5G Communication Devices
    In this paper a compact tri-band MIMO antenna has been proposed for 5G wireless communication devices. The isolation of -20 dB has been obtained between the two input ports using meander line structures and five vias incorporating at different places of the structure. Two rectangular slots have been etched on the radiating patch to further improve antenna performance. The designed antenna provides multiband characteristic in S, C and X frequency bands. Different characteristic parameters such as Envelope Correlation Coefficient, diversity gain, electric field distribution and radiation pattern are also presented and discussed . The overall antenna volumetric size is 42×34×1mm 3 .
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