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    Cold plasma for insect pest control: Tribolium castaneum mortality and defense mechanisms in response to treatment
    The insecticidal properties and mechanisms of high-voltage air-based atmospheric cold plasma using a contained dielectric barrier discharge reactor were investigated against Tribolium castaneum as an important bio-contaminant in stored grains spoilage. The mortality of 95.0%–100% for preadult stages can be achieved within seconds of treatment, but longer plasma exposure (5 min) is required to kill adult insects. Cold plasma treatment reduces both the respiration rate and the weight of insects and affects the levels of oxidative stress markers in adult populations. Sufficient toxicity is achievable through plasma process control in air to address the range of insect lifecycle stages that are disease vectors and pose risks for grain stability in storage. Balancing insecticidal activity with grains' quality retention can provide a route to sustainable integrated pest management.
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