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    Optimal household energy management using V2H flexibilities
    Purpose: The use of energy storage devices helps the consumers to utilize the benefits and flexibilities brought by smart networks. One of the major energy storage solutions is using electric vehicle batteries. The purpose of this paper is to develop an optimal energy management strategy for a consumer connected to the power grid equipped with Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) power supply and renewable power generation unit (PV). Design/methodology/approach: The problem of energy flow management is formulated and solved as an optimization problem using a linear programming model. The total energy cost of the consumer is optimized. The optimal values of decision variables are found using CPLEX solver. Findings: The simulation results demonstrated that if the optimal decisions are made regarding the V2H operation and managing the produced power by solar panels then the total energy payments are significantly reduced. Originality/value: The gap that the proposed model is trying to fill is the holistic determination of an optimal energy procurement portfolio by using various embedded resources in an optimal way. The contributions of this paper are in threefold as: first, the introduction of mobile storage devices with a periodical availability depending on driving schedules; second, offering a new business model for managing the generation of PV modules by considering the possibility of grid injection or self-consumption; third, considering Real Time Pricing in the suggested formulation.
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