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    Strategic public housing and foreign direct investment
    (University College Dublin. School of Economics, 2002-08)
    We suggest that public housing matters for FDI. We assume that FDI creates gains for some residents and losses for others. Losers from FDI will oppose FDI. To win support for FDI, local government may want to pay compensation in cash. In the paper’s model, however, cash payments are not successful. But public housing is. – Ultimately we argue that (1) public housing makes FDI more palatable where (2) cash transfers fail, so that (3) local government may choose to invest into public housing to overcome opposition against FDI.
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    Trade, FDI, and congestion - the small and very open economy
    (University College Dublin. School of Economics, 2000-05)
    Typically, a small and open economy trades goods at given world prices. Here, we present a model of a very open small economy, where capital and labor are internationally mobile, too. When investing into infrastructure, the economy’s government attracts not only mobile capital but mobile labor, also. These capital and labor inflows into the economy reinforce each other. They contribute to rising welfare for land owning indigenous households. But all potential benefits for land renting immigrant households are capitalized into higher land rents. The paper is also an attempt to give an account of the recent economic boom in Ireland.