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    Dublin Honours Magdalenes Listening Exercise Report Vol 1: Report on Key Findings
    (Justice for Magdalenes Research, 2020-04-30) ;
    On 6th June 2018, a formal ‘Listening Exercise’ took place in the Round Room of the Mansion House as part of Dublin Honours Magdalenes (DHM), an historic two-day event in Dublin from June 5th-6th. The event fulfilled two key aspects of the Irish State’s Magdalen Restorative Justice Ex-Gratia Scheme: to bring together those women seeking to meet others who also spent time in the Magdalene Laundries, and to provide an opportunity for a listening exercise to gather views from survivors on how the Magdalene Laundries should be remembered by future generations.
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    The Theological Basis for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist Positions
    (Zed Books, University of Chicago Press, 2019-08-15)
    This essay argues that Irish lesbian feminism has been largely anti-theocratic and post/colonial in its perspective and has therefore remained opposed to current UK Trans-exclusionary Radical Feminist (terf) activism, which has received much media attention. We examine how the Radical Lesbian Feminist, Mary Daly engaged with the theology of St Thomas Aquinas to provide crucial conceptual underpinning of terf perspectives. We see how Daly’s rigid adherence to her metaphysical concepts designed to refute Aquinas meant that she was unwilling to engage with evolving feminist theory on gender, and unable to respond to feminist critical race theory. As Irish lesbian feminism has remained conscious of its post/colonial legacy, it is characterized by a political practice of building alliances, coalitions and by an intersectional thinking that is critical of claims to supremacy and hierarchy. Irish lesbian feminism has also been generally engaged in an oppositional politics to theocratic rule. This essay argues that an intersectional post/colonial lesbian feminist politics and an anti-theocratic perspective that is critical of categories such as the pure and impure (the real and the fake; the true and the dissembling) means that Irish lesbian feminist culture has not proved amenable to terf activism which rests on the version of Radical Feminism espoused in the work of Mary Daly.
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    (Gill and Macmillan, 2003)
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    Affect and the history of women, gender and masculinity
    (Irish Academic Press, 2009)
    This article begins with looking at the disciplines of literary studies and history to discuss how they are distinct yet share a certain overlapping ground. Literary studies’ focus on the subject matter of affect and historians’ focus on verifying facts are rudimentary distinctions between the fields but despite the differences in method and perspective between these disciplines, the boundaries of feminist history and feminist literary studies have intersected to create a shared territory for the field of the history of women, in which the examination of affect is a crucial focus. Romantic passion between women still remains a problematic topic for women’s history but is a fertile area of study in gender history. The article looks at the relatively recent academic endeavour of historicising masculinity, and on the new work, which focuses on understanding the expression and status of emotion in male bonding. The argument is made that these historians of masculinity follow in the footsteps of feminist historical studies of affect and feminist gender history. The essay closes with thought on how this focus on historicising affect, specifically love, commitment, friendship and desire for intimacy has reverberations in contemporary society.
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    Edmund Burke's political poetics
    (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009-02)
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    Burke and the Aisling : homage of a nation
    (British Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, 2007-09)