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    Behavioural Analysis of Mobile Web Users
    (School of Computing, Dublin City University, The Insight Centre for Data Analytics, the University of Aberdeen and Noldus, 2016-05-27) ; ; ; ; ;
    As smartphones become the predominant devices for accessing the web, understanding how individuals express their interests and interact with the web can have a great impact on several domains ranging from customer services to marketing and public policy. However, in order to better understand the web surfing behaviour and interests of mobile network subscribers, we need to look beyond the classic analytics that are based on location, internet usage and social networks. A more granular view of user behaviour and interests can be achieved by including more advanced analytics based on the content that the users are engaging with. In this paper we present a novel mobile web content analytics platform, HeyStaks, with the goal of filling the gap of granular content analysis for mobile user behavioural analytics.