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    Wavelength-dependent Raman scattering of hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbon with red, green, and blue light excitation
    (Cambridge University Press, 2003-04) ; ; ; ;
    This study presents results of wavelength-dependent Raman scattering from amorphous silicon carbon (a-Si:C:H). The a-Si:C:H films were produced by radio-frequency plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Prior results with amorphous carbon indicate that laser excitation selectively probes clusters with differing sizes. Our measurements with a-Si:C:H indicate that when using red (632.8 nm), green (514.5 nm), and blue (488.0 nm) excitation, the Raman D and G peaks shift to higher wave numbers as the excitation energy increases. The higher frequency is associated with smaller clusters that are preferentially excited with higher photon energy. It appears that photoluminescence occurs due to radiative recombination from intracluster transitions in Si-alloyed sp(2)-bonded carbon clusters.
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