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    Excavations on Céide Hill, Behy & Glenulra, North Co. Mayo, 1963-1994
    (UCD School of Archaeology and the Irish Strategic Archaeological Research Programme (INSTAR), 2011-12) ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
    This report outlines the results of excavations at and near the Céide Fields Visitor Centre, North Co. Mayo. Three projects are included here: Dr Seán Ó Nualláin, Prof Michael Herity and Prof Ruaridhí de Valéra’s excavations at the court tomb at Behy (1963-1969); Prof Seamas Caulfield’s excavations at the Glenulra Enclosure (1970-1972); and Gretta Byrne and Noel Dunne’s excavations in advance of the construction of the Céide Fields Visitor Cente (1989-1993). This report forms part of the Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscapes of North Mayo (NBNM) project which aims to bring to full publication the survey and excavations in north Mayo carried out by Caulfield and his students. The NBNM project has been supported by the Heritage Council (2008) and INSTAR (2009-2011). This project will finish in 2012, with a full text covering all aspects of the research and extensive interpretative discussion. This current report focuses on presenting the results of the excavations and an overall chronological model for the Céide Fields Visitor Centre site: the wider aspects of interpretation of site function, significance and parallels will be addressed next year. This will include comparative discussion of the specialist analyses summarised here.