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    Stress and coping in staff managing patients with cystic fibrosis
    A fifth of respondents in this study of 56 staff from major national cystic fibrosis treatment centres in the Republic of Ireland obtained clinically significant scores on the GHQ-28. This high stress group had a distinct profile in comparison with the other respondents. They were younger and reported more somatic symptoms, more anxiety symptoms, more social problems and more burnout than other respondents. They also reported being exposed to more life event stressors in preceding six months and more daily stressors both within and outside the work environment. Within the group as a whole, multiple regression analyses showed that certain factors were significant predictors of general health and burnout. Life event stressors in the preceding six months combined with an accumulation of minor daily stressors together were predictive poorer general health. The availability of social support was associated with lower burnout.