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    Mindful Heroes: A Resource Book for Engaging Pedagogy
    This practice paper explores how the new book Mindful Heroes: Stories of Journeys that Changed Lives can be used to develop more personally engaging pedagogies. The authentic expressions of mindfulness presented by authors of the chapters from 10 different countries in this book, are about how they creatively applied mindfulness together with other approaches to a variety of settings across Education, Health, Business, Sport, Creative Arts and Community Work. As this book covers six broad disciplinary categories it can be used by educators in these discipline to develop a more personally engaging pedagogy for their students, where they make new personal connections between themselves and the subjects they are studying. In each chapter there are invitations for you the educator to invite your students to Pause and engage personally with the ideas and stories of the chapter with specific exercises. At the end of each chapter there is a Further Resources section which provides you with links to various resources to explore the topic further.