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    Feasibility study of an offshore wind farm in the Aegean Sea, Turkey
    Offshore wind power technology holds the potential for tackling major problems associated with energy and climate change as well as triggering economic growth and providing employment opportunities. Offshore wind power has the potential to play a key role for Turkey in achieving stated 2023 energy targets due to the country's favourable geographic location and coastline. However, there are currently no offshore wind farm projects in Turkey. The aim of this study is to determine the feasibility of an offshore wind farm in the Turkish seas. Prior to that, offshore wind market in the EU is reviewed, and the current status regarding the wind power market and supporting mechanisms are reviewed regarding the situation in Turkey. A location is proposed in the Aegean Sea, based on consideration of wind speeds and other factors. Technical analysis is conducted with the use of windPro software, and potential annual energy production of the proposed project is calculated. Combined with the economic analysis, feasibility of such an offshore wind farm is discussed. Issues with the current supporting mechanism are identified, and solutions are proposed for the future development of offshore wind farms in Turkey.
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