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    Creating and Characterising Electricity Load Profiles of Residential Buildings
    Intelligent planning, control and forecasting of electricity usage has become a vitally important element of the modern conception of the energy grid. Electricity smart-meters permit the sequential measurement of electricity usage at an aggregate level within a dwelling at regular time intervals. Electricity distributors or suppliers are interested in making general decisions that apply to large groups of customers, making it necessary to determine an appropriate electricity usage behaviour-based clustering of these data to determine appropriate aggregate load profiles. We perform a clustering of time series data associated with 3670 residential smart meters from an Irish customer behaviour trial and attempt to establish the relationship between the characteristics of each cluster based upon responses provided in an accompanying survey. Our analysis provides interesting insights into general electricity usage behaviours of residential consumers and the salient characteristics that affect those behaviours. Our characterisation of the usage profiles at a fine-granularity level and the resultant insights have the potential to improve the decisions made by distribution and supply companies, policy makers and other stakeholders, allowing them, for example, to optimise pricing, electricity usage, network investment strategies and to plan policies to best affect social behavior.
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