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Archaeological excavations at Lugduff Townland, Upper Lake, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow 2011 : stratigraphic report

2012-06, McDermott, Conor, Warren, Graeme, Ciuchini, Paolo, Rice, Kim

In 2009 the UCD School of Archaeology initiated a broad research and teaching project focusing on the Glendalough Valley with a specific initial focus on the landscapes in the Upper Valley. The aim of this broader project is to integrate teaching and research, especially at undergraduate level. In 2011 this will include c. 40 students in a two week teaching project which included geoarchaeological survey, environmental sampling, geophysical survey, drawn and electronic survey, excavation and public outreach. In terms of the excavation, our aims in 2011 were to continue to examine the complex of features uncovered in 2010 in Lugduff townland (10E0311, see McDermott et al. 2010). These excavations successfully ground‐truthed the geophysical survey, but were not been able to fully characterise the very interesting archaeological features uncovered. In 2011 we excavated a 10mx10m trench (Trench 2) focusing on the anticipated junction of the track and path (Figure 1). A smaller trench (5m x 10m, Trench 4) focused on a geophysical anomaly located to the NE of the caher and located equidistant between two upstanding cross bases.