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    Combined analytical and numerical front tracking approach to modeling directional solidification of a TiAl-based intermetallic alloy for design of microgravity experiments
    (Trans Tech Publications, 2010-05) ; ;
    A three-step combined analytical and numerical approach to thermal modelling of a twoheater power-down furnace for controlled directional solidification of an intermetallic alloy is proposed. An analytical sensitivity analysis of the thermal model is carried out to show the effect of adiabatic zone length, and both hot-zone and cold-zone heater temperatures, on the initial thermal gradient in the sample and on the length of melt in the adiabatic zone. The subsequent axisymmetric front tracking method (FTM) simulations of directional solidification of a binary intermetallic Ti-46at.%Al alloy show that temperature gradient in the melt declines and velocity of the solid-liquid front increases with time, thus promoting good conditions for a columnar to equiaxed transition. The proposed analytical calculations combined with full-scale numerical FTM simulations provide a convenient and predictive optimization tool for the two-heater power-down furnace design and growth conditions for the future microgravity experiments
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