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Verification vanishing as data goes electronic

2009-05-14, Kendlin, Valerie, Byrne, Ursula

Most of us use internet-sourced information in order to live in this global, electronic age. We communicate, share information, apply for jobs, do research, book holidays and listen to music and the ability to handle this mass of information are vital skills we need to hone. A librarian is there to help people find and use credible information, highlight the risks of freely available sources such as Wikipedia, and emphasise the need to state clearly from where the information originates. Is risk the correct word to use in connection to access to a source such as Wikipedia? Yes; and the editing of Wikipedia entries has implications for all internet users, not just reporters. The internet has truly changed how we interact with each other look at social networking options available to all of us via Bebo, Facebook and Twitter but it has also altered how we make choices.