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    Book Review: Dynamic Positions in Birth: A fresh look at how women's bodies work in labour by Margaret Jovitt
    (Mark Allen Healthcare, 2015-10-01)
    Overall, this is a great book which is easy to read and supports midwives with the evidence behind their decision making . The author’s passion for birth and position ing in labour and birth is clear and feels almost motivational at times. An excellent book for a midwife who wants to maintain professional reading or a midwife who wishes to gently remind themselves of the anatomy and physiology of the pelvis in order to support women to birth in the position that they want to.
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    Book Review: The evolution of the human placenta by Michael L. Power and Jay Schulkin, Johns Hopkins University Press
    (Mark Allen Healthcare, 2014-12-02)
    The book discusses embryology at a high level and any practitioner reading this book would need to be up to date with their biological knowledge of the embryo in the very early stages of pregnancy. The combination of scientific language, the minimal use of pictures, a lack of glossary (including abbreviations) and the length of each chapter means that it can be difficult to follow. Added to this, the large amount of discussion that is dedicated to all placental animals and not just humans means that this book struggles to hold the interest of the reader for long periods.