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Impacts of large amounts of wind power on design and operation of power systems, results of IEA collaboration

2008-05, Holttinen, Hannele, Meibom, Peter, Orths, Antje, O'Malley, Mark, Ummels, Barth, Tande, John Olav, Estanqueiro, Ana, Gomez, Emilio, Smith, J. Charles, Ela, Erik

There are a multitude of studies made and ongoing related to cost of wind integration. However, the results are not easy to compare. An international forum for exchange of knowledge of power system impacts of wind power has been formed under the IEA Implementing Agreement on Wind Energy. IEA WIND R&D Task 25 on “Design and Operation of Power Systems with Large Amounts of Wind Power” has produced a state of the art report in October 2007, where the most relevant wind power grid integration studies are analysed especially regarding methodologies and input data. This paper summarises the results from 18 case studies with discussion on the differences in the methodology as well as issues that have been identified to impact the cost of wind integration.