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    Food and Health in the Year 2010
    (FAST. Commission of the European Communities, 1987) ; ;
    Using a previous report for the FAST ALIM 2 programme as a springboard, projections are made of future (to the year 2010) developments in Europe in the understanding of the relationship between food and health. Implicit in these projections is the assumption that no cataclysmic economic event(s) occurs in the interim period but rather that an evolution of current economic and political trends continues without significant medium to long-term disruption. Should this assumption prove false, major changes in national and international priorities may alter the relative importance of the topics highlighted.
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    Food, Health and the Consumer: A European Perspective
    This article summarises the findings of a major study carried out under the FAST (Forecasting and Assessment in Science and Technology) programme of the EEC on food, health and the consumer. Further articles on specific parts of the study will be published in future issues of Farm and Food Research. The findings are applicable to most developed countries including Ireland and if implemented could have a significant affect on human health and also on food production and processing methods.
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    Flavour, Firmness and Composition of Chilled Strawberries - an Interlaboratory Study
    Fresh strawberries are a premium product to most consumers and many authors (including 1-7) have reported the results of tests aimed at extending the shelf life of fresh strawberries by chilling, packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, or irradiation or by combinations of some of these techniques. While most of these give an extension of shelf life and a product of good appearance, loss of aroma or the development of off flavours (3) may be a problem; the loss of strawberry volatiles during storage for 96 hours has been clearly demonstrated by Ahmed and Scott (8). It was decided, therefore, to carry out an interlaboratory study using single sample hedonic tasting (week 1) and paired comparison tasting (week 2) to assess loss of flavour in strawberries during chill storage. The soluble solids and ascorbic acid contents, the titratable acidity, and the shear values for samples of the fruit were also measured. This study was carried out as part of the European COST (Co-operation in Science and Technology) 91 bis Sub Group 3 Programme on chilling, chill storage and chilled distribution of foods.
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    Food and Health - A European Perspective
    In Europe at present there is unprecedented interest in food and health. This ranges from the concern of individual consumers in relation to healthy eating ti that of government ministers who are faced with the enormous cost of health care and who are increasingly realising that the answer may be in preventive medicine. In Europe, the prominent position of the common agricultural policy (CAP) has resulted in a major policy input at production agriculture level; however, few, if any, corresponding policies have been applied to the downstream food areas and this represents a major deficiency in development/control of the European food system. The present study is therefore both timely and topical. It had three components (Table 1) and was based on major reviews of the scientific, trade and popular literature. To this foundation was added the distilled views of international experts who were contacted personally or who took part in a project-steering workshop held in Dublin in March 1986. The extensive findings and recommendations of the project have been published and are summarised in the following sections.