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    Alledged Vehicle-induced Vibrations at a 19th Century Lace Factory: Lessons Learned
    The following paper outlines a court case in western Ireland involved the alleged damage to a historic lace factory (later converted to a residence and then a bed and breakfast). A large number of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) passed the building repeatedly in conveys at high speeds along a limited access road. The Lace Factory’s owners cited traffic-induced damage as the cause of the damage, sued, and lost. A close examination of the court transcripts showed that the basis for the decision was not strictly technical. Instead, an absence of conclusive records regularly undermined the plaintiffs’ credibility throughout the case. This paper examines a timeline of the case and identifies critical pieces of evidence (technical and non-technical) that could have been collected by the plaintiffs and their agents. This evidence would have likely changed the outcome of the ruling. Finally, this paper proposes a procedure of good practice to prevent similar court-based losses for vibration-induced damage cases for historic buildings.