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    Effect of cold plasma on polyphenol oxidase inactivation in cloudy apple juice and on the quality parameters of the juice during storage
    Direct cold plasma treatment has been investigated as an alternative non-thermal technology as a means of maintaining and improving quality of fresh cloudy apple juice. Process variables studied included type of plasma discharge, input voltage and treatment time on polyphenol oxidase (PPO) inactivation. Spark discharge plasma at 10.5 kV for 5 min was the best treatment, with near total inactivation of PPO achieved, although good PPO inactivation was also recorded using shorter treatment times. Residual activity (RA) of PPO was 16 and 27.6% after 5 and 4 min of treatment respectively. This PPO inactivation was maintained throughout the storage trials, but decreased with samples treated for a shorter time. Plasma treatment improved key quality parameters of Golden delicious cloudy apple juice, with retention of critical quality parameters during extended storage trials. Color was the most noticeable change, which was enhanced with retention of a greener color. An increase of 69 and 64% was obtained in the total phenolic content after 4 and 5 min of treatment, respectively. Therefore, cold plasma was demonstrated to be a good alternative to traditional heat treatments for enhanced quality retention of fresh cloudy apple juice and over its storage.
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