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    Principal forms X-2 + nY^2 representing many integers
    In 1966, Shanks and Schmid investigated the asymptotic behavior of the number of positive integers less than or equal to x which are represented by the quadratic form X-2 + nY(2). Based on some numerical computations, they observed that the constant occurring in the main term appears to be the largest for n = 2. In this paper, we prove that in fact this constant is unbounded as n runs through positive integers with a fixed number of prime divisors.
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    Two-dimensional lattices with few distances
    (European Mathematical Society, 2006-06) ;
    We prove that of all two-dimensional lattices of covolume 1 the hexagonal lattice has asymptotically the fewest distances. An analogous result for dimensions 3 to 8 was proved in 1991 by Conway and Sloane. Moreover, we give a survey of some related literature, in particular progress on a conjecture from 1995 due to Schmutz Schaller.