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    Fault Detection in Distribution Networks in Presence of Distributed Generations Using a Data Mining Driven Wavelet Transform
    Here, a data mining–driven scheme based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is proposed for high impedance fault (HIF) detection in active distribution networks. Correlation between the phase current signal and the related details of the current wavelet transform is presented as a new index for HIF detection. The proposed HIF detection method is implemented in two subsequent stages. In the first stage, the most important features for HIF detection are extracted using support vector machine (SVM) and decision tree (DT). The parameters of SVM are optimised using the genetic algorithm (GA) over the input scenarios. In second stage, SVM is utilised to classify the input data. The efficiency of the utilised SVM-based classifier is compared with a probabilistic neural network (PNN). A comprehensive list of scenarios including load switching, inrush current, solid short-circuit faults, HIF faults in the presence of harmonic loads is generated. The performance of the proposed algorithm is investigated for two active distribution networks including IEEE 13-Bus and IEEE 34-Bus systems.
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