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    Modeling inflation dynamics : a critical review of recent research
    (Blackwell, 2007-02) ;
    In recent years, a broad academic consensus has arisen that favors using rational expectations sticky-price models to capture inflation dynamics. We review the principal conclusions of this literature concerning: (1) the ability of these models to fit the data; (2) the importance of rational forward-looking expectations in price setting; and (3) the appropriate measure of inflationary pressures. We argue that existing models fail to provide a useful empirical description of the inflation process.
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    Can rational expectations sticky-price models explain inflation dynamics?
    (American Economic Association, 2006-03) ;
    The canonical inflation specification in sticky-price rational expectations models (the new-Keynesian Phillips curve) is often criticized for failing to account for the dependence of inflation on its own lags. In response, many studies employ a “hybrid” specification in which inflation depends on its lagged and expected future values, together with a driving variable such as the output gap. We consider some simple tests of the hybrid model that are derived from its closed form. We find that the hybrid model describes inflation dynamics poorly, and find little empirical evidence for the type of rational, forward-looking behavior that the model implies.
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