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Multiscale spectral imaging for food safety with relevance to dairy processing

2022, Caponigro, Vicky, 0000-0003-2298-0508

Multi-modal spectral imaging (e.g., Raman scattering, reflectance, darkfield) in different wavelength ranges (such as Infrared, near Infrared, Visible) at different spatial scales (from microscopic to macroscopic), combined with chemometrics approaches were investigated for the quality control of dairy products and define the hygienic level of the surfaces related to the dairy industry. In order to achieve these goals, the thesis has been developed in three steps: Quality control: identification of different dairy products based on macronutrients and lactose quantification in whole milk. Food safety: detection of dairy contamination on metallic surfaces related to food processing Food safety: detection of bacteria and biofilm contamination on surfaces related to the dairy industry. In addition, the detection of biofilm growth in presence of milk simulating possible scenarios in dairy processing has been carried out.