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    Investigation and Automating Extraction of Thumbnails Produced by Image viewers
    Data carving is generally used to recover deleted images in digital investigations, but carving time can be significant and the deleted images may have been overwritten.Thus, thumbnails of (deleted) images are an alternative evidence,and can often be found within databases created by either operating systems or image viewers. Existing literature generally focus on the extraction of thumbnails from databases created by the operating system. Understanding thumbnails created by image reviewers is relatively understudied. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a new approach of automating extraction of thumbnails produced by image viewers. We then evaluate the utility of our approach using popular image viewers.
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    Volkswagen Car Entertainment System Forensics
    Vehicles are fast becoming another importantsource of digital evidence in a criminal investigation.Traditionally, when a vehicle is involved in a crime scene (e.g.drink driving), the investigators focus on the acquisition of DNA, fingerprints and other identifying materials, usually non digitalin nature. However, modern day cars, particularly smart ordriverless cars, store a wealth of digital information, such asrecent destinations, favourite locations, routes, personal datasuch as call logs, contact lists, SMS messages, pictures, andvideos. In this paper, we describe some challenges associated withvehicle data forensics, an understudied area. Next, we presentour case study on forensic acquisition and data analysis of anentertainment system on a Volkswagen car.
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