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Spectral and temporal behavior of an alkali metal plasma extreme ultraviolet source for surface morphology applications

2011-02-28, Higashiguchi, Takeshi, Yamaguchi, Mami, Otsuka, Takamitsu, Terauchi, Hiromitsu, Yugami, Noboru, Yatagai, Toyohiko, D'Arcy, Rebekah, Dunne, Padraig, O'Sullivan, Gerry

We have characterized the emission spectrum and temporal history of a pure potassium plasma in a capillary discharge. Strong broadband emission was observed around 40 nm due to 3s−3p, 3p−3d, and 3d−4f transitions in ions ranging from K2+ to K4+ at a time-integrated electron temperature of about 12 eV. The temporal behavior of this emission strongly follows the recombination phase in the plasma and it was successfully reproduced by a hydrodynamic simulation of the potassium plasma which accounted for atomic processes.