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    A Millimeter-Wave Dual Band Antenna with Circular Polarization
    This paper presents a high efficiency dual band single layer antenna structure for MIMO array applications. The e-shape patch that is surrounded by two conductive walls is designed on an RO5880 substrate with thickness of 0.508 mm. The operating frequencies of this antenna are 28 GHz and 38 GHz. Circular polarization is achieved by designing the specific shape of the inner patch and cutting the edge of the outer ring. The reflection coefficient is less than -10 dB at 25.9-28.6 GHz and 36-58.5 GHz with maximum gain and efficiency of 6.31 dB and 92% at 28 GHz and 5.2 dB and 71% at 38 GHz. This low-profile and lightweight antenna can be used in many 5G communication systems.
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