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The Pottery from the Mycenaean Site of Palia Staneprospholeika, Κephalonia. A Preliminary Report

2017-11-26, Souyoudzoglou-Haywood, Christina, Sotiriou, Andreas, Papafloratou, Eleni

The site of Palia Stane-Prospholeika (P. Tsilimidos property) is located at a short distance south of the modern town of Argostoli, and occupies a commanding position on the lower slopes of the hilly zone overlooking the alluvial plain and the bay of Koutavos to the ENE. Four short excavation campaigns have taken place (2010, 2013, 2014) under the direction of Andreas Sotiriou of the 35th EΠKA. The excavation of the plot has not been completed. Preliminary results were presented at the 2014 Conference on the Archaeological Work in NW Greece and the Ionian Islands (Σωτηρίου et al. 2018).