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    A study of the differential effects of Tomm's questioning styles on therapeutic alliance
    (Wiley-Blackwell, 2001-01) ;
    To replicate and extend Dozier et al's (1992) test of Tomm’s hypothesis about the differential effects of questioning styles on therapeutic alliance an analogue study was conducted. Twenty-eight family triads, each including a son and his parents, viewed four videotaped simulated family therapy scenarios in which Tomm's four questioning styles were separately portrayed. Participants were asked to identify with the client whose role corresponded to theirs (i.e. father, mother, or son) and, on the basis of this, to rate the client’s alliance with the therapist. They were also asked to rate the overall alliance between the family and the therapist. Finally, having viewed all four scenarios, they were invited to comparatively rate the quality of the therapeutic alliance across the four questioning styles. Compared with strategic and lineal questioning styles, circular and reflexive questions led to higher ratings of therapeutic alliance on all three measures. The results of this study support Tomm's hypothesis that questioning styles based on circular assumptions lead to a better a therapeutic alliance at an individual and systemic level than questions based on lineal assumptions.
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    The psychological well-being and sociocultural adaptation of short-term international students in Ireland
    (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010-09) ; ;
    This article reports on an empirical study of the psychosocial adaptation of international students in Ireland. Using measures of social support, loneliness, stress, psychological well-being, and sociocultural adaptation, data were obtained from international students and a comparison sample of Irish students. The study found that, although international students had high levels of social support and low levels of loneliness and stress, students were experiencing high levels of sociocultural adjustment difficulties and psychological distress. Significant differences invariables were reported across time, whereas differences between international and Irish students were also discovered. Suggestions for further research and for individuals working with international students are proposed.
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    A study of the differential effects of Tomm's questioning styles on therapeutic alliance
    (Edwin Mellen Press, 2001) ;
    This study examined the impact of Tomm’s (1988) four questioning styles on the therapeutic alliance in family therapy using an analogue method devised by Dozier in which families viewed videotaped scenes from simulated family therapy sessions portraying each of Tomm’s questioning styles and rated the alliance between the therapist and family.
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    The Experiences of American International Students in a Large Urban Higher Education Institute in Ireland
    (University of Louisiana, 2015-02) ; ;
    Growing numbers of American students are travelling overseas to study abroad and enroll in full degree programs. Despite this trend, relatively little is known about the experiences of United States (U.S.) students abroad. The aim of this research was to examine the experiences of American international students in Ireland. Findings suggest that while U.S. students experience some adaptation problems, overall, they adapt well to studying in Ireland. Subtle differences in long-term and short-term international students¿ levels of social support and academic satisfaction were also detected. This research has important practical implications for facilitating the adaption of U.S.  students abroad. At a time when many governments and academic institutions are devising strategies to attract international students, this research is timely and necessary.Keywords: international students; psychological well being; sociocultural adaptation; cross-cultural adjustment.
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    Higher education professionals' perspectives on international student experiences of life and learning in Ireland : a qualitative study
    (Taylor & Francis, 2013-08-27) ; ;
    Although numerous studies have explored international students' experiences, there is a dearth of research exploring the perspectives of professionals who have contact with international students. The present study addresses this gap in the literature by providing an analysis of higher educational professionals' (n=11) perspectives of international students' experiences and analysing the challenges which arise when working with international students. In this study, semi-structured interviews were conducted with staff from a large Irish Higher Education Institution. Participants described a range of difficulties experienced by international students, including sociocultural and psychological difficulties, and outlined a number of challenges which exist when dealing with international students, most of which relate to cultural differences and lack of interest in internationalisation. The findings have important policy and practical implications for higher education service provision and point to the need to consider internationalisation as a process which can be enriching for international students, host students and staff members alike.
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