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Stability Analysis of Power Systems with Inclusion of Realistic-Modeling of WAMS Delays

2019-01, Liu, Muyang, Dassios, Ioannis K., Tzounas, Georgios, Milano, Federico

The paper studies the impact of realistic WideArea Measurement System (WAMS) time-varying delays on the dynamic behaviour of power systems. A detailed model of WAMS delays including pseudo-periodic, stochastic and constant components is presented. Then, the paper discusses numerical methods to evaluate the small-signal stability as well as the timedomain simulation of power systems with inclusion of such delays. The small-signal stability analysis is shown to be able to capture the dominant modes through the combination of a characteristic matrix approximation and a Newton correction technique. A case study based on the IEEE 14-bus system compares the accuracy of the small-signal stability analysis with Monte-Carlo time-domain simulations. Finally, the numerical efficiency of the proposed technique is tested through a real-world dynamic model of the all-island Irish system.