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    Development of a Ransomware Investigation Playbook for the Financial Sector, in compliance with ISO/IEC 27043
    (University College Dublin. School of Computer Science, 2022)
    Within the field of digital forensics, incident response and investigation, many groups have developed and evolved their own methods and procedures for conducting investigations of incidents in the digital space, until the creation of ISO/IEC 27043 in 2015. This was an attempt to harmonise existing methods into a single model, however the Standard is intentionally generalist and non-industry specific. This is why we have developed an augmented version tailored for the financial services sector, in the hope that this will assist the reader in both comprehending and implementing ISO/IEC 27043 within their own organisation, thus increasing compliance. Specifically, we have developed and evaluated a playbook for ransomware incident investigation that is practical without sacrificing compliance.