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Focus collection on Modern Approaches for Sports Medicine and Performance

2019-09-26, Stuart, Samuel, Johnston, William, Caulfield, Brian, Godfrey, Alan

In the 21st century there are more people than ever before participating in sports, with sport becoming a universal language to bring people together no matter what their background or origin. Sports medicine and performance provision in amateur- and elite-level sport have been growing over the past decade (Stuart et al 2018), due to the recognition of such provision in preventing and minimizing sports-related injuries, as well as enhancing techniques or performance. In order to maintain a winning edge, modern athletes, clinicians (i.e. doctors, physiotherapists, sports therapists/athletic trainers, etc) and performance-enhancement specialists (i.e. strength and conditioning coaches, etc) are keen to develop analytical parameters that can reduce the risk of injury, speed-up recovery times and improve all aspects of player performance (Baca and Schwartz 2016). Therefore, Physiological Measurement is pleased to present the Focus Collection entitled "Modern Approaches for Sports Medicine and Performance" (