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Optimising Water Quality Returns from Peatland Management while Delivering Co-Benefits for Climate and Biodiversity

2021-01, Pschenyckyj, Catharine, Riondato, Emily, Wilson, David, Flood, Kate, O'Driscoll, Connie, Renou-Wilson, Florence

Irish peatlands are of national and international importance. Half of the blanket bogs considered to be of conservation importance in the European Atlantic Biogeographic Region are found on this island, along with some of the last Oceanic raised bog remaining in the EU. Irish peatlands are also a significant carbon store, containing ¾ of the total soil carbon stock in the Republic of Ireland. Healthy peatlands help provide natural filtration processes to clean water and reduce the quantity of water entering rivers and lakes; they help regulate the global climate and mitigate climate change; they support unique flora and fauna; and provide multiple social and cultural services to society.