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27-Apr-20172D Non-separable Linear Canonical Transform (2D-NS-LCT) based cryptographyZhao, Liang; Muniraj, Inbarasan; Healy, John J.; Malallah, Ra'ed; Cui, Xiao-Guang; Ryle, James P.
27-Apr-2017Constraints to solve parallelogram grid problems in 2D non separable linear canonical transformZhao, Liang; Healy, John J.; Muniraj, Inbarasan; Cui, Xiao-Guang; Malallah, Ra'ed; Ryle, James P.; Sheridan, John T.
14-Jun-2017The choice of optical system is critical for the security of double random phase encryption systemsMuniraj, Inbarasan; Guo, Changliang; Malallah, Ra'ed; Cassidy, Derek; Zhao, Liang; Ryle, James P.; Healy, John J.; Sheridan, John T.
9-Apr-2017Measuring optical phase digitally in coherent metrology systemsKelly, Damien P.; Ryle, James P.; Zhao, Liang; Sheridan, John T.
10-Oct-2012Photolytic water oxidation catalyzed by a molecular carbene iridium complexPetronilho, Ana; Rahman, Mahfujur; Woods, James A.; Al-Sayyed, Haris; MĂĽller-Bunz, Helge; MacElroy, J. M. Don; Bernhard, Stefan; Albrecht, Martin
15-Jan-2013Electrochemical characterization of NiO electrodes deposited via a scalable powder microblasting techniqueAwais, Muhammad; Dini, Danilo; MacElroy, J. M. Don; Halpin, Yvonne; Vos, Johannes G.; Dowling, Denis P.
6-Dec-2012Dye sensitised solar cells with nickel oxide photocathodes prepared via scalable microwave sinteringGibson, Elizabeth A.; Awais, Muhammad; Dini, Danilo; Dowling, Denis P.; Pryce, Mary T.; Vos, Johannes G.; Boschloo, Gerrit; Hagfeldt, Anders
Feb-2013Spray deposited NiOx films on ITO substrates as photoactive electrodes for p-type dye-sensitized solar cellsAwais, Muhammad; Dowling, Denis P.; Rahman, Mahfujur; Vos, Johannes G.; Decker, Franco; Dini, Danilo
19-May-2011Molecular dynamics study of water in contact with the TiO2 rutile-110, 100, 101, 001 and anatase-101, 001 surfaceKavathekar, Ritwik S.; Dev, Pratibha; English, Niall J.; MacElroy, J. M. Don
25-May-2012Evaluation of microwave plasma oxidation treatments for the fabrication of photoactive un-doped and carbon-doped TiO2 coatingsDang, Binh H.Q.; Rahman, Mahfujur; MacElroy, J. M. Don; Dowling, Denis P.
7-May-2012Mechanism of Atmospheric CO2 Fixation in the Cavities of a Dinuclear CryptateEl-Hendawy, Morad M.; English, Niall J.; Mooney, Damian A.
12-Apr-2012Hydrogen bond dynamical properties of adsorbed liquid water monolayers with various TiO2 interfacesEnglish, Niall J.; Kavathekar, Ritwik S.; MacElroy, J. M. Don
24-Jan-2012Dynamical cage behaviour and hydrogen migration in hydrogen and hydrogen-tetrahydrofuran clathrate hydratesGorman, Paul D.; English, Niall J.; MacElroy, J. M. Don
23-Jan-2012Mechanisms for thermal conduction in hydrogen hydrateEnglish, Niall J.; Gorman, Paul D.; MacElroy, J. M. Don
6-Oct-2011A TD-DFT study of the effects of structural variations on the photochemistry of polyene dyesAgrawal, Saurabh; Dev, Pratibha; English, Niall J.; Thampi, Ravindranathan; MacElroy, J. M. Don
7-Oct-2011A facile spin-cast route for cation exchange of multilayer perpendicularly-aligned nanorod assembliesKelly, Dervla; Singh, Ajay; Barrett, Christopher A.; O'Sullivan, Catriona; Coughlan, Claudia; Laffir, Fathima R.; O'Dwyer, Colm; Ryan, Kevin M.
19-Oct-2011Study of translational, librational and intra-molecular motion of adsorbed liquid water monolayers at various TiO2 interfacesKavathekar, Ritwik S.; English, Niall J.; MacElroy, J. M. Don
21-Sep-2011Electrophoretic deposition of poly(3-decylthiophene) onto gold-mounted cadmium selenide nanorodsGarate, Jose-Antonio; English, Niall J.; Singh, Ajay; Ryan, Kevin M.; Mooney, Damian A.; MacElroy, J. M. Don
3-Oct-2011Dynamical and energetic properties of hydrogen and hydrogen–tetrahydrofuran clathrate hydratesGorman, Paul D.; English, Niall J.; MacElroy, J. M. Don
23-Jun-2011First-principles study of the excited-state properties of coumarin-derived dyes in dye-sensitized solar cellsAgrawal, Saurabh; Dev, Pratibha; English, Niall J.; Thampi, Ravindranathan; MacElroy, J. M. Don
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 60